Dona catering was established in 2015. This company is a joint venture of Arzesh Afarinan Fadak Corporation from Iran and Donhauser from Austria. At the moment, Austrian Don Hauser catering is one of the most prominent ones in green continent.The first catering of DoNA Company, has launched its activities in an area of 5000 square meters with the capacity of producing 40,000 daily meals. This Company is the largest and the best equipped catering in Iran.The infrastructures of this catering is designed and built based on international standards. The modern design of DoNA catering view has given a birth to a new soul of Tehran railway area. Cooking and giving services are constantly supervised and controlled by Austrian managers of this catering, all executive departments, and supply and support departments. The Austrian company manager and chef of this catering are peerlessly well-known in their feld.












The main purpose of establishment of Dona Catering is to cook nations’ foods (especially European ones) based on Iranian taste. In all around the world Austrians are well- known for their unique service presentations in the realm of foods and drinks, restaurant and hospitality industry and producing scrumptious pastry. Hotels, restaurants and catering companies in this country are used to catering presidents, foreign ministers, and world events. In Iran, as well, the cooking tradition is one of the everlasting heritages of the culture and civilization that is remained as a religion. In cooking Iranian traditional food, plant materials such as plum, pomegranate, quince, barberry and raisin have an especial place. An Iranian dish generally contains rice, and meats such as lamb meat, chicken or fish, vegetables like onion parsley and different plants and nuts and to make a better taste in food, some favors such as saffron, dried lemons and cinnamon are used as well. Austrian foods are delicious and nourishing. Meat is the main part of most them and if you are not a vegetarian you’re going to have to taste Austrian Schnitzel. Austrians have a good taste for desserts and pastries. Apple strudel is a popular dessert of Viennese. Lunch is the most important meal for them and they have plenary menu (i.e. Mittagsmenu) for lunch including salad, soup, main course and dessert. These two existing tendency in DoNA Catering results in a varied range of unique and delicious foods and drinks which makes DoNA a unique brand in cooking and serving Iranian and international foods.




DoNA Catering with professional equipment, industrial kitchens and trained chefs and staff, can afford over 40000 meals per day for airlines, trains, companies, organizations, hotels, residential centers, events, conferences and meetings. Foods are cooked by the best professional Iranian and Austrian chefs, and distributed under the supervision of experienced nourishment experts.The meals provided by DoNA Catering are packaged and delivered along with various appetizers, salads, desserts and drinks in proper boxes with high standard quality. DoNA Catering possesses every professional means of taking high quantity orders and providing them punctually and preservation of nutritional health by means of refrigerating facilities used in maintenance and serving foods. Alimental such as fsh and meat are kept separately in industrial fridges. Equipment like separate blast chillers, special salons for preparing proteins, spacious main hall of cooking, kebab salon, patisserie, drinks and smoothies salon, several spaces for tray designing, lavation salon, vegetables washing facilities, salon for provisioning meal-boxes, salon for dividing orders, loading salons and platforms, storehouses, and professional delivery vehicles,all help us to provide the best service in catering.



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DONA acts mainly in 3 business areas and provides various business catering solutions:

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DoNA offers customized Business Catering Solutions for all quality demands. We are where our customers and the market needs us!

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To ensure a professional service, DoNA catering influences the galley design of Rail Pardaz waggons. A container and trolley logistic concept guarentees a quick on- and offloading.Special designed cars are supplying all waggons with the necessary catering equipment.